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Ambush Massage 39 cover

Ambush Massage 39 cover

Vilem Tel is one very sexy guy. He enters the room and strips down to his underwear. Then he lays on the bed, waiting for the masseur. Mattias Solich is the lucky guy who is going to massage him. He arrives also in just his underwear and gets right to work.

Pavel Bohan is in for a massage and lays on the bed. Mattias Solich arrives and quickly gets to work. Oil in his hands, Mattias massages Pavel’s back and shoulders. Mattias continues working on the back and down to that sexy ass. Pavel’s underwear is removed, showing off his hot ass and his cock pushed down between his legs.

Petr Zuska is a very sexy guy. With his good looks and hot body he is a prime candidate for an erotic massage. The oily hands get to work on the butt cheeks. Petr’s tight hole is shown beautifully as Mattias pulls the cheeks apart. Petr’s cock is shown as it is pressed hard against the table.

Marek Pravda has a sexy body and readily agreed to a massage. He strips to his underwear and lays on the bed, waiting for Mattias Solich to arrive. Mattias comes in wearing just his underwear too and starts to oil Marek’s sexy chest. Next Mattias starts working on Marek’s legs and feet and then his hands move up to the underwear.

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Stars: Marek Pravda Pavel Bohan Vilem Tel Petr Zuska Mattias Solich

Categories: Gay Dildo High Definition Massage International Muscles Cumshot Euro Masturbation Amateur

Studio Name: William Higgins

Source: New Release

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