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Abdel And Elmo Jackson cover

Abdel And Elmo Jackson cover

Elmo pickin him up some lova boi fresh off the streets of Paris. Yo it ain’t the hood, but Gs need a lil vacation time too every once in a while. Soak up some culture and of course get laid like a motherfuckin thug. Dats how Elmo does it. Abdel seems a lil slow, but must be cuz he ain’t speaking no english, but the language of lovin is universal and the two git down in no time. Abdel destroys that ass pretty good wit his french prick making Elmo eat that nut for desert. Real hot Paris lovin up in dis!

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Stars: Abdel Elmo Jackson

Categories: Anal Safe Sex High Definition Gay Interracial Black Big Dick Amateur

Studio Name: MixItUpBoy

Source: New Release

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