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Master Red’s Stinky Feet Smell SO FUCKING good!

I take Off Master Red’s Converse and smell the socks he’s worn 3 days now.  They are very strong and My pig cock gets very hard.  He says I will be licking Sarges Ass soon.  I get so horny I go sit in the bath tub and wait for piss.  Maybe I get lucky and get to lick Master’s butt hole.

Happy Horny Faggot has a busy day being used

Gosh what a day!  I wake up with Masters stinky feet on my faggot feet. Someone is banging on the door.  It’s Sarge!  Master Red gets the funnel and I put the tube in my mouth and I beg Sarge for his Master Truck driver piss.  He laughs and lets me gulp down a almost a half gallon.  Before I have drank it all Master Red adds some.  He gets the camera and we make a video of Sarge getting his ass sniffed and then cleaned and cleaned more.  and then he fucks his ass taste down faggot throat.  I’m going to cum thinking about it. I can still taste his piss and cum and ass in my mouth. I love sarge and I love Master Red and I love Master Red’s Belt making my worthless faggot ass red.  I am a cock sucker. I am an ass cleaner.  I want cock. I love piss.

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Master Red lets me Clean dingle berries out his butt hairs

I have cum 7 times thinking about how much I love licking his ass clean.  Who wouldn’t?  I will be licking Sarges ass clean soon.  Master Red Says I will love cleaning Sarges ass just like his.

I get to suck Masters Red’s Dirty Feet

Master Red went and played Frisbee barefoot.  he came home and his feet every stinky and very very dirty.  I say I can suck them clean and suck each foot for 20 minutes. I am so lucky.